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    These are actors who are most likely not gonna be seen in a film together due to their personal differences.This is why Bollywood is more of a fraternity and less of an industry. People tak about proffessionalism but refuse to work with people they dont like. In Hollywood you just fo your job and leave. in Bollywood its more about relationships, and feuds that dont allow actors to work with other actors.

    Some examples

    Aishwarya- Salman

    I think pigs will fly before these two will be seen in a film together. After that long-strectched messy breakup, and Aishwarya's wedding to Abhishek, they will most likely never ever work together.

    Katrina- Abhishek
    Although Katrina does not seem the type to let go of a good film just because of a costar, she may have reservations working with her boyfriends' ex's husband.

    Karishma- Abhishek. If karisma was to make a comeback, she would most likely never work with Abhishek. After their breakup, these two just ignored eachother.

    Kareena- Abhishek. Thanks to the breakup between her sister and Abhishek and also not being invited to Abhishek's wedding, Kareena has said on record that she wont work with Abhishek because he doesn't want to work with her either.

    Salman Vivek- Vivek made the biggest mistake of his life. Having a public showdeon with Salman ruined his entire career. ( his lousy haircut and arrogance may also have something to do with it). Although vivek has apologized to salman at the Rajiv Gandhi Awards, Salman is in no mood to work with him.

    Akshay Raveena- After their messy breakup, Raveena was torn and even stopped doing films for a while. Now both are married and have oved on, but if Raveena does make a comeback, i doubt they will ever work together again.

    Amitabh- Rekha: This is perhaps the mos controversial relationship of Bollywood. Rekha seems liek she is neve going to move on from that realtionship whilst Amitabh is settled and even has grandkids. These two are most liekly nerver going to work together. A little while ago there were rumoours of them oing a film togethr but Amitabh said it was 'rubbish". Somehow i feel Rekha was betrayed and all the things that happend to her should not have.

    ShahRukh Khan- Salman. The biggest feud of recent times. Both have gone on record to say that they will never work together again. It is sad because their pairing in films like Karan Arjun was magic.

    Preity- Kareena
    These two have neer been the best of friends. Kareena never forgave that Preity took over the role of Naina from Kal Ho Na Ho. Preity has accused Kareena of only saying hi to her when Karan is around.

    Somehow most of these feuds are related to the Bachchans and Kapoors.

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    I usually forgive.. but only ma self

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    srk aamir

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    I'd like to see SRK & Salman together.

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    Thank You

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    Thanks !!!
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