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    Default Sarwar Ahuja turns into an invisible man for an episodic of Hum Ne Li Hai... Shapath

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    Life OKs Hum Ne Li Hai.. Shapath (produced by Fireworks Productions) is churning out interesting concepts that involve high-intensity techniques with great camera and direction work.

    One such story is where a scientist creates a chemical formula that would make him invisible. However, his life goes through a lot of turmoil including the death of his wife who is in labour. All this frustrates the man and when he dies, he leaves the gadget behind that will make a person invisible. As reported by various sections of the media, the role of the scientist will be played by Puneet Vashisht.

    We now hear that the story of the gadget that will make a man invisible will be carried forward into another episodic wherein Senior Inspector Shaurya, essayed by Sarwar Ahuja will spot this gadget and will get the power of becoming invisible. At the same time, Inspector Kashish in a quest to burst a drug scam racket goes missing and this is when Inspector Shaurya will try to crack this case taking help of the gadget that will make him invisible.

    The twist in the tale is that the person who wears this gadget needs to be in bare body for him to go invisible. Hence, Sarwar Ahuja had to go topless for this particular shoot.

    When contacted, Sarwar Ahuja commented, Yes, you heard it right. We are presently shooting for this particular episodic where Shaurya goes invisible to solve a case. As an actor, I had to do the bare minimum required for the shoot. However, this episode has top-class visual effects; it was a difficult shoot considering the story line. The whole team of Shapath worked very hard on the techniques. I would say this is the first time that such a shoot has been done on television. The director and camera man had quite a lot to do, when it comes to dealing with the invisible man.

    The episodes of Puneet Vashisht creating the gadget that will make one invisible, and Sarwar Ahuja going invisible will be aired as two different stories.

    Catch this very interesting episodic in Shapath on Life OK..



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