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    Default Donít call me chocolate boy: Imran

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    Now puhlease donít get upset Ranbir....your buddy Imran isnít talking about you here. Really.
    Imran Khan

    Heís only talking about his own Ďchocolateyí label. Imranís debut film Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na, which was a huge success, was a candy floss romance, albeit with some freshness and extra flavour, but címon it was a rom-com, after all. And Imran was touted as the hottest new chocolate-boy. Along with Ranbir Kapoor, of course.

    Recently, when ZOOM was doing a special interview with this dashing Khan, for Luck, he confessed in so many words that he didnít particularly fancy the Ďchocolate-boyí image. In fact he said that he hates the word Ďchocolate-boyí. Uh-huh...this is what we donít get.

    If the image works wonders for him (and wins him so many fans, even if theyíre mostly women), whatís the problem, yaar? Remember Mamu (Aamir Khan) started his careerís first hit with a lover-boy image in QSQT. Well, so hold on dude, thereís still time to turn into the angry young man. Wotsay, Mamu? Catch the Imran Khan Luck special on ZOOM this week!

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