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    Default New Puerto Rican Wrestling Promotion + Royal Rumble, Roberts

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    -- A campaign on Indie Gogo has been launched to help Jake Roberts get shoulder surgery to fix an old injury. Roberts has lost 60 pounds as part of DDP yoga and already raised $5000.

    -- WWE Magazine is set to launch a tablet version soon.

    -- The Phoenix New Times has an interview with Cody Rhodes about the Royal Rumble. There are plans right now to release a Cody's Mustache t-shirt.

    -- A new wrestling promotion has been launched in Puerto Rico. The promotion, which is named the World Wrestling League (WWL), was announced via a press conference on Monday in San Juan, Puerto Rico by owner/financial backer Richard Negrin, former WWE Spanish commentator Hugo Savinovich and Victor Siebens. Savinovich and Siebens will be producers for the promotion, with Savinovich acting as on-air color commentator and member of the creative team as well.

    The company is based out of Puerto Rico but has already established alliances with two promotions from Ecuador and Chile to run international shows and use their talent in storylines. Other alliances with promotions in Panama, Mexico and Peru are in the works. WWE will have TV on several stations at different time, starting this weekend. The promotion's first show will run on Saturday on CW Puerto Rico and Sunday on FOX-PR and LWN-Caribbean; it will be an introductory show and will announce more details about the promotion. The first live events will take place on March 16th and 17th and include appearances by Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Cowboy James Storm, Billy Gunn, XPac, Shane Helms and Blue Demon Jr, as well as Mr. E (formerly Escobar iu WWE).

    It was heavily discussed at the press conference that WWL aims to be more than just another promotion and will not try to compete with other promotions, as they want to present a different kind of show. Savinovich said that there will be a big stage set up, as well as lighting and pyro.

    You can watch a video of an interview with Negrin and Savinovich about the promotion below:

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    Wow Nice for them
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EidenAnderson View Post
    Wow Nice for them



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