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    Default Aamir Khan shares the dias with Hillary Clinton

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    During her visit to India, Mrs. Clinton, attended a special interactive session with the students of Xavier College in Mumbai on Saturday and shared the dias with Bollywood star Aamir Khan, who’s also the brand ambassador of the education campaign Teach India.
    During this interactive session, Aamir emphasized the need for changes in the education. He said, “Today, students are mostly focusing on memorizing their subjects because they have to face questions like ‘Did you come first?’, ‘How much did you score in mathematics?’”
    “I would like to hear teachers telling students: ‘Hey, your friend is weak in this subject, would you help him?’”
    “This will incorporate the feeling of sharing and caring among students and will help in making them good individuals. We should teach our kids to be caring.”
    “Sadly, more emphasis is given to report cards and less on exploring minds.”
    “Teaching should be a high paying job so that youngsters should aim at becoming teachers. I would like to see that one day in India, teaching is the most highly paid job.”
    Hillary was quite impressed with the star and praised him saying, “It is a great delight to be here with Aamir Khan, who is not only a Bollywood icon but also the great advocate for education….I am here to see how US and India can work for the common cause of education, which is the great equalizer and gateway to opportunities,” Mrs. Clinton said.
    Clinton supported Aamir’s view and said, “I think the actual requirement to become successful in the world is cooperation and collaboration among people and among countries.”

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