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    Default Shyamaprasad's new film set for release

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    National award-winning director Shyamaprasad, who has churned out noted films based on literary works, has come out with his new Malayalam film 'Rithu' (season), this time on a different track.

    'Rithu,' set for release on August 7, is based on a screenplay by freelance journalist Joshua Newtonn, unlike his major earlier movies.

    'Agnisakshi' (1999) was based on a novel by Lalithambika Antharjanam, 'Akale' (2004) was based on Tennessee Williams' play 'Glass Menagerie' and 'Ore Kadal' (2007) was based on a novel by Sunil Gangopadhyay.

    All the films have won national and state awards and were shown in international festivals.

    "My new work is a 'youthful film' and it talks about the new, earning generation and their value systems. It can be called a modern-day morality film," Shyamaprasad said.

    But 'Rithu' is unlike the contemporary films on youth, says the director. Though the story-telling is fast-paced, it has many layers, and picturises seasons that happen in the young people's relationships with friends and parents.

    "Seasonal changes in relations affect the youth in many ways. Some face changes with courage, others just cannot cope with them," he says.

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