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    Default Sunny Leone promotes dogs sterilisation

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    Actress Sunny Leone is promoting a campaign for the sterilisation of dogs in Mumbai, and this week, she urged people to take care of dogs after they become part of the family.

    Leone was taking part in an event organized by the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA).

    Leone unveiled her poster and also interacted with media.

    "I want that everybody should sterilize their dogs. I hope you guys are very nice to the animals who are out there on the streets. And do sterilize your dogs," she said.

    India has a huge population of street dogs, but lacks proper means to control their spread in human habitation.

    Leone said: "There is no difference when you get a dog from a shelter. Once he becomes a part of your family, you will never ever think that your dog is from a shelter. You will never think that, oh, my dog is sterilized and he can't reproduce again. Don't continue the cycle of creating life that can't be taken care of."

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