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    Default Ranbir Kapoor says 'No' to Nose Job!

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    In his latest film, we hear, Ranbir needs to look down an aquiline nose. So his director has been pleading with him to go under the knife right away. But Ranbir is adamant that his hooked nose is fine by him — and so should be for the audience too.

    Ranbir suffers from a deviated septum, a fairly common olfactory malady where the bone bridging the two nostrils is deviated. Ranbir needs to address this issue by the way of a surgery. But Ranbir refuses to get it done.

    Of the long list of B-town folk who’ve gone under the knife to get the perfect pout and the wrinkle free smile, Ranbir sure comes across as a change, firmly refusing to be a part of the cosmetic surgery brigade. This, even when the surgery won’t just enhance his looks, but will help him breathe better too.

    A friend reveals, “Ranbir has had a deviated septum since childhood. ENT specialists have advised him to undergo septoplasty. But he has refused and is adamant about not getting it done. He has always been a stubborn guy, once he has refused something, he won’t budge.”

    Apparently, his parents too have been urging him to get the minor nose surgery done and by now, given up. Ranbir isn’t scared of surgeries, he says, but doesn’t want the shape of his nose to be changed. “I would rather have a crooked nose than an altered one,” Ranbir told a friend once.

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