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    Cool chand ke pare (2012) (Non Retail) - DVDRip - 2CDRip - Team Ictv Exclusive

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    Actors: Jaya Bhattacharya, Narendra Jha, Sadhika Randhawa, Meghna Patel, Shipra Kasana
    Director: Nishikant Sadaphule
    Music: Anchal Talesara
    Chand Ke Pare is an engaging, path breaking theme of unconventional and  yet very warm and beautiful relationships. It is a different kind of  cinematic experience, never before dealt with on Indian screen as the  subject has certain in-built controversial dimensions. The thematic  structure of the movie envelopes the sensitive portrayal of intimate  emotions in varied range. It is essentially a women-centric subject and  focuses on roller coaster emotional graph of three women characters.  Their epoch-making journey is traumatic and yet heart-warming. The life  presents to them some unconventional, heart churning circumstances and  leaves them with absolutely no option... It is very matured &  sensational subject with international appeal and is treated with loads  of sensitivity and sensibility.
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