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    Default Randy injury in the middle of the match ? (spoiler Tribute to the troops)

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    After Randy punched Big Show a few times he dislocated his shoulder , you can rewatch that part again if you didn't notice , he couldn't move his right arm anymore, Big Show and Ziggler didn't know what to do at start so they just tagged because they felt sorry for him and couldn't attack him anymore and jumped off a part of the fight , Ziggler did the ground jump to Big Show but he wasn't even attacked because Randy was unable to do his part anymore , then the medical guy rearanged Randy's shoulder and got his RKO's , but he did them wrong too , he was in too much pain to do anything right .

    What are your toughts ?
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    for the info I never noticed that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy310 View Post
    for the info I never noticed that
    And you call yourself a Randy Orton fan , And about the injury i'ts already gone to affect just a while back which he got the injury back and i believe i't was at a home show, And sadly as Randy is being one of the biggest starts in the WWE and also of Punk and the Shield not being there they had to put Orton in the tribute to the troops of which they risked of Randy having an injury and i guess the injury got even worse and if they gonna make him compete they are gonna have to put out of action for over 2 months which that will suck for the business

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    for info




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