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    Default Where's the money, Ranvir?

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    Recently while Ranvir Shorey was shooting for Tina Ki Chaabi in Tangra, Kolkata, an amusing incident took place.

    As it happened director Amit Saxena was particular to have locals in the shot so that it looked real. Although initially, the locals were happy to appear in a Hindi film, they didn’t really understand the dynamics of the shoot and when Ranvir tried to leave after the shoot they surrounded and harassed him for their payment. Little did they know that he was only an actor and not the producer who would pay them.

    A source said, “The production team was happy to hire locals, which included both kids and adults. Ranvir got along very well with them as they danced, sang and chatted together. But then when things changed abruptly after the shoot we had to intervene and tell them that the production people were still around and they would be paid by them.”

    Though Ranvir remained unavailable for comment, Amit Saxena laughed and said, “It was a funny sight to witness. I was tempted to stand with the crowd and provoke them so that the situation got a little more out of control. But soon a production member rushed to Ranvir’s aid and got the situation under control.”

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