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    Default Bipasha Basu fought between egoes

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    A tiff between producers and directors isnít rare and at times, inevitable. However, Lamhaaís producer Bunty Walia and director Rahul Dholakia have reached a stage where they donít speak to one another unless necessary. This development could hamper the filmís completion. According to Walia, Bipasha Basu has allotted dates in August to shoot her remaining parts, which will take upto three days. However, the filmís director Dholakia is not willing to shoot on the dates given by Bipasha. It is believed that he is planning to be in the US next month for some personal work.Rahul Dholakia isnít even aware that Bipasha has allotted fresh dates. He said, ďI canít start shooting anytime.
    The scenes that are remaining are a part of the filmís climax.They are very dramatic and Iíve to be in the right frame of mind to shoot them. I canít get behind the camera and start shooting just because the actors are available.This stance hasnít gone down too well with producer Walia. He said, ďBipasha is a busy actress. When our schedule went a little haywire, she got busy with other commitments. I wonít let go of the dates, even if I have to shoot without the director. Dholakia has the final word, ďLamhaa is too important a film to be sacrificed to personal egos.I canít start shooting anytime Ė Rahul Dholakia



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