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    Default Kashmira makes Ranbir nervous

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    Ranbir Kapoor is quite a charmer in real life but he certainly isn’t comfortable when it comes to romancing in reel life. Ranbir’s nervousness was apparent to onlookers on the sets of Wake Up Sid when he was shooting a sensuous scene with Kashmera Shah.

    He kept messing up the scene and director Ayaan Mukerjee, had to call ‘cut’ several times before the young actor got the right expression. A source said, “The scene was passed after many retakes.”

    “Ranbir plays an innocent guy and Kashmera plays a neighbour, who is very attracted to him and wants to seduce him. The scene in which Ranbir got very nervous had Kashmera wearing extremely low-waist pants. We don’t know why Ranbir was feeling awkward. Maybe it was because of Kashmera’s sexy siren image,” said a source from the unit.

    While Ranbir remained unavailable for comment, Kashmera said, “I am a confident woman and I generally don’t get nervous. But this time I kept giggling like a schoolgirl. Ranbir is quite sexy in his own way. He has a nice boyish charm. He was uncomfortable but I think he was acting.”

    Director Ayaan said, “I have strict instructions from my producer (Karan Johar). I am not permitted to speak about the film right now.”

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