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    Default Salman has a great soul: Katrina

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    Katrina Kaif has finally proved her acting credentials with New York and is looking forward to impressing everyone with her Hindi-speaking skills in Prakash Jha’s Rajniti. However, one thing has remained the same — the Salman Khan factor.
    The two met through his sister at a party. And while Katrina will not go into the details of their relationship, she is willing to tell us what impressed her in her man. She says, “He has been a wonderful person for the last six years I have known him. He has got a great soul and he is very fearless. He is not afraid of anything and he is not an insecure person. A lot of people live their lives with so much insecurity—fear of rejection, of losing things. But he doesn’t fear. And he tries to teach me that.”

    She told NDTV’s Walk the Talk, “He has made his own mistakes in life. In case of other people, he has a great quality of being able to negate all the bad things and flaws and see their potential. For me, he has been a great teacher and a great guide. He has seen me grow up in the last six years. For 18 to 24 is a journey, especially for a young girl. At times, he says you are changing. And I say, I am changing because I am growing. He says, ‘Be careful, don’t change into something that is not good’.”

    On why she likes to keep the relationship away from prying eyes, she explained, “You will waste a part of your life answering, denying or clarifying things that don’t matter or are just speculations. I am too much of a sensitive person to have this side of my life debated or to enter and participate in these kinds of debates.”

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