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    Default Shah Rukh wishes to go Pakistan,Says, ‘Indians and Pakistanis, we're all the same’

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    Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan pitched for greater harmony among South Asian people as he accepted an honorary doctorate from a British university, saying governments were best left to their own "agendas".

    "We belong to - I know it's a bit of a cliche but - one world. Specifically I think, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka - all of us, we're the same. I really believe we are the same," Khan told journalists after being made honorary Doctor of Arts by Bedfordshire University on Friday (July 10).

    The doctorate in recognition of his "exceptional achievement as a film actor and producer", was proposed by an Indian NGO called Routes 2 Roots, which works to bring South Asians together.

    "My mother is from Hyderabad in India and father is from Peshawar (in Pakistan). So I do believe in this (cultural unity).

    "Especially when you come away from India or Pakistan you realise there is no Indian or Pakistani, we're all together. We are - culturally, as human beings, as friends. These are the aspects that keep us together.

    "As far as the (government) agendas are concerned, let them go on."

    Invited by a Pakistani journalist to visit Pakistan, said: "I also do wish to go there - my family's there."

    Earlier, in his acceptance speech, Khan said he was inspired by the doctorate to work for the education of poor children in India.

    "While this honour is bestowed on me, I wonder if the deserving but poor and underprivileged children from India can also pursue their higher education in such universities and maybe earn a doctorate as well.

    "This thought has been weighing heavily on my mind and I am hopeful that I would be able to contribute to this cause in the future," he added.


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