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    Default Vidya Balan has a thing for Zaheer Khan

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    The T20 cricket match fever has caught up in a big way, not only with the common man but also with stars. Like for example take our desi-babe Vidya.

    Miss Balan has turned a huge raving cricket fan and is madly in love with the gentleman's game. Apparently, Vidya became a big fan of Cricket right after being cleaned bowled by Zaheer Khan.

    Yes Vidya has a thing for Zaheer. Ahem That is Vidya is a big fan of cricket and even a bigger fan of Zaheer Khan's cricketing.

    Recently Vidya confessed to a friend that her favorite cricketer is Zaheer Khan.

    And her friend told us, "Vidya thinks Zaheer is the hottest cricketer on the block.”

    “Zaheer's coyness appeals to Vidya. She feels Zaheer's quite nature may give a different impression but he is a strong man from within, " add the over-zealous friend.

    Hmm... Vidya became a fan of Zaheer after watching him play T20. But somehow judging by Vidya's expert commentary on Zaheer, we are guessing there is more to the story. Wotsay Vidya?


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