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    Here's a rare opportunity to get a peek of what Michael Jackson's house looked like. True to his spirit of Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, Jackson named his ranch Neverland.

    The front of the main house where Michael Jackson lived at Neverland Ranch in Los Angeles, California.

    The main room on the ground floor at Neverland Ranch.

    A door across from the main entrance in the main house overlooks the back grounds at Neverland Ranch.

    A hallway lined with windows leads away from the master bedroom of the main house at Neverland Ranch.

    Across the foyer of the main house, doors are open leading to the back grounds.

    A room on the first floor at Neverland.

    An upstairs room in the main house.

    Windows lining the main hall in the main house overlook the back yard at Neverland Ranch.

    The master bathroom in the main house that was once used by Michael Jackson is seen at Neverland Ranch.

    Site workers walk through the main entrance below at Neverland Ranch.

    The interior of the small secret room with three deadbolt locks used by Michael Jackson to store valuable items.

    Neverland Ranch employee Erma Baron dries dishes in the kitchen of the main house.

    The wine cellar under the pool house at Neverland.

    A tennis court is seen behind the pool house.

    A long banquet table stretches out under a tree in the grounds behind the main house.

    The driveway and grounds of the main house is seen from one of the upstairs windows at Neverland Ranch.

    An ice cream cart given to Michael Jackson by Eliabeth Taylor sits next to the pool behind the main house.

    Among other unique features, Neverland also has a train station.

    Train tracks are seen from an upper window of the train station at Neverland Ranch.

    The clock atop the train station is seen at Neverland Ranch.

    A spiral staircase leads to a loft and an overlook room in the train station.

    Tracks lead to the platform at the back of the train station at Neverland Ranch.

    Apart from the ice-cream cart and the train station there are also a large number of statues in Neverland Ranch.

    Bronze statues line the drive leading to the front of the main house at Neverland Ranch. It is said that Jackson spent a whopping $6 million on these statues.

    A bronze statue at Neverland. Most of the statues seem to be of children, reiterating Jackson's childlike state of mind.

    A bronze statue of three children fishing in the creek is seen silhouetted behind the main house at Michael Jackson's former home, Neverland Ranch.

    The back of the main house at Michael Jackson's former home, Neverland Ranch.

    Aerial view of the train station at Neverland Ranch.

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