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    Default Akshay Knows Everything about Katrina

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    After doing number of films together actor Akshay Kumar come to know much about actress Katrina Kaif which is needed to know. What he knows about the actress is her delicate health that if she stay under water for few hours, it’s clear that she will fall ill.
    Recently both of them were shooting a typical rain song for Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dan at Mumbai studio. For the song Katrina was wearing chiffon sari and Akshay was dressed in thin Kurta. But with just a first shot itself Katrina sat shivering on chair. However many retakes done after and then our hero Akshay came into action to help Katrina. He made a round around the set to make sure that not a single air-conditioner is on and requested choreographer Pony Varma and Priyan to take care of her. Later he ordered two big Turkish towels, in one he covered Katrina, while wrapped himself in other. All this Akshay did because he knew that if she stays wet for a long she will get fever the next day. Well he knew this from his past experience (working) with the actress.
    Being thankful to her co-star’s gesture, Katrina said, “God, he treats me like a baby.” Something she must know from long, but we know it now only, isn’t it.
    Well guys if you want to know more about the pretty damsel, now you know to contact whom.

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    thanks alot for sharing

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    Thanks !!!
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