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    Default "Let's give James Bond some space" - Tia Bajpai

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    She played a victim in each of her first two films, Haunted and Lanka. While in former, she played a spirit which was being repeatedly raped by another spirit for decades, the molestation saga continued in Lanka as well where she was the object of lust for a local gang-lord. However with 1920- Evil Returns, she is looking at turning the tables by turning a tormentor herself. Though the victim angle has not yet left her side, what with her getting possessed by a spirit, it is this very power that makes her create some all around havoc.

    Tia, in this 'tabaahi' that you are promising to create in the film; one also hears that you had to develop some animal instincts. So, is it right to assume that there a relevance of animals as well in your characterization?
    No, there is no relevance as such other than just the body language part. I just wanted it to be wild and followed the description as per the way it was written in the script. Now fortunately or unfortunately, I am very petite and quite lady like. Since I am not too tall or huge, I had to bring in something new to my physicality in order to make the character all the more convincing. This extra something was made possible by bringing in a wild animal like streak to my body language.

    Guess the changes were needed in your voice as well as you are heard screaming and growling for a good duration of the film.
    (Says in mock disappointment) Yes, and to keep the momentum going, I didn't even sing for those three months of the film's shoot. I am a trained singer, but for the first time ever in last so many years, I couldn't do any 'riyaaz' since I wanted my voice to be soar.

    How did Aftab react to your act, especially since this is his first ever horror flick?
    He was the one who was really supporting me all through the film's shoot. When I used to be in character even while away from the camera, many felt that I should chill out and get into a switch on-switch-off mode. However, he motivated me to be in character all the time. He was extremely helpful and I remember him telling me all the time to behave like a man instead of a girl!

    You must be indeed pinning for the film to fetch you the desired results, after all a lot seem to have gone into it.
    Yes, and I am happy with what I see. The film deserves this kind of attention from people, since it is indeed good. Now that the film has released, it is actually very overwhelming. When you do some good work and it is appreciated, then who wouldn't like to get some goodies in return as well (smiles).

    For audience, there seem to be some interesting goodies in store with a right mix of horror, thrills, music and drama resulting in an amalgamation of genres, right?
    That's true and you are right in saying that the film is not just a horror tale. There is a definite story to tell and horror comes in because it is required for the plot. Otherwise if you just insert horror for the sake of it, it won't really make sense. As you would see in 1920 - Evil Returns, it starts like a romantic story, moves on to drama, throws in some horror and then ends with a lot of action. Everything merges in so well and the film has been directed and written such a way that everything comes together wonderfully well.

    However, you seem to be acting in one serious film after another, right from Haunted to Lanka and now 1920 - Evil Returns. Did you end up saying 'Oh no, not again' to Vikram when he came to you with this film that again. Didn't really allow you to be a quintessential Bollywood heroine in a 'naach gaana' mode?
    On the contrary, I was very happy! See, I am grateful that I am working today and doing a film is a really big thing, especially when it is for a Vikram Bhatt production. As for my characterization in the film then well, I am not that kind of a person who would interfere in what has been written in the script. When Vikram told me that this film was going to be in 1920 franchise, I was more than happy to just lap it up. It never came in my mind for even that 0.1% moment that why should I do horror again. Moreover, he really motivated me by saying that the film would be on my shoulders. I just crossed my fingers and did everything that I could. Moreover, it is not a small film.

    Well, it is not a small film but the competition is much bigger in the form of Skyfall with James Bond leading the show.
    (Laughs) Let's give James Bond some space to fetch audience as well. On a serious note though, both films have their own audience and I am not even thinking about competition. In fact, even I am looking forward to both the films though first I would take my friends and family out for 1920 - Evil Returns and Skyfall would be only after that. It is fair to be partial to your film, isn't it?



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