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    Default After Imran Khan, Deo signs on Abhi-Ash

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    Without even a single release to his name, Abhinay Deo is one of the most sought after directors today. The reason — he was signed by Aamir Khan to direct the Imran Khan starrer Delhi Belly. In fact, he has even managed to get Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai as the leads for his next film.

    As Delhi Belly nears completion, Abhinay doesn’t want to rest and take time off before getting on to his next project. In fact, the only thing stopping him from shooting the Abhi-Ash film simultaneously is Ash, who still has to complete Mani Ratnam’s project and also has Rajnikant’s film to do in between. Abhi, on the other hand, is happy about the delay because it gives him time to discuss ideas with Abhinay and further fine-tune the film’s script.



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