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    Default Seen Ranbir in disguise?

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    His fans will probably not be able to Ďbearíd this news, but well, the truth is that lately Ranbir Kapoor has been in

    Yeah, donít blame the poor fella, he enjoys every bit of the stardom, and all the attention, adulation etc, but right now even he canít help it. Ever since heís grown a thick beard for his role as a sardar in Rocket Singh: Salesman Of The Year, heís been sporting a very un-Ranbir-like avatar. Apparently, when heís in public places, he often goes unrecognised, while at first he was quite stunned, he soon got kinda used to it. And later on he started enjoying the lack of attention, too.

    Last week he was dining at a suburban restaurant, and we saw him walking around nonchalantly, almost like a Ďnobodyí. The smart ones, like us, who spotted him could catch that naughty grin peeping from behind that well-trimmed mooch. We think the only one who needs to worry about his disguise is the lovely Ms Dee. This disguise could be dangerous, gal. Oh...did we tell ya that we just spotted a Ranbir look-alike with a hottie out here. We got ya, didnít we? Lol! Weíre only kidding.

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