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    Default Sarwar Ahuja 'calls for a party' after fracturing his little finger

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    Sarwar Ahuja, who plays Senior Inspector Shaurya in Life OKs Hum Ne Li Hai.. Shapath, produced by Fireworks Productions recently had a freak accident while shooting for a stunt sequence. The result is that he ended up fracturing the little finger of his left hand.

    So how did this happen? Well, Sarwar Ahuja usually shoots all the stunt sequences seen in the show all by himself, and never uses a body double. For a particular scene, he had to jump down the cliff and save a girl. While doing so, the rope that was tied to him as protection snapped and he had a major fall. Sarwar who landed on the rocks was lucky enough to escape with just a fracture to his little finger.

    Talking about it, Sarwar says, Yes, it is true that I have fractured the little finger of my left hand. That was the very first shot of the day and I continued to shoot the whole day even with the swelling. When I got the X-ray done, I realized I had dislocated the finger and also had a crack. My little finger is on plaster now, but the fact that this is my first fracture ever excites me (smiles). And this calls for a party. I believe in celebrating everything I do for the first time. And I have called my friends to party with me over the weekend.

    Having said this, Sarwar adds, Well, I want to pass on an advice to people who intend doing their own stunts. If you have a passion to do stunt sequences, you go ahead doing it but see to it that you take all the precautions needed. Even now, I am running behind people and doing my stunt scenes, but I see to it that I am well protected.

    Sarwar, this is indeed a unique way of celebrating a fracture!!



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