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    Default Hrithik's Hangover in the first row!

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    Whenever Hrithik Roshan
    goes to watch a film in a theatre he makes sure that he books the entire row to ensure

    However, he was recently disappointed when he went to watch the latest Hollywood release, The Hangover, at a suburban multiplex on Sunday night.

    And no, it wasn’t because Hrithik didn’t like the film. He was upset as he could only get three tickets. A far cry from an entire row he is used to.

    A source said, “Hrithik books an entire row as he does not like to be disturbed while watching films. He usually watches films with his friends or wife, Sussane. On Sunday, he was visibly disappointed as he could not book an entire row for The Hangover. The show was houseful. He had come with Sussane and a friend. He agreed to make do with only three seats. But, he had a great time once the film started. Within ten minutes, Hrithik was so involved in the film that it hardly seemed to matter to him that there were others in the same row too.”

    Our source from the multiplex confirmed this and said, “Yes, Hrithik had come to watch The Hangover with his wife and a friend.”

    Stars and their theatre habits
    Dark secrets: Akshay Kumar usually enters the theatre just when the lights go off. He always books two extra tickets to the right and left of his seat for some much-needed privacy.

    Humble be: No nawaabi behaviour for Saif Ali Khan, who is characteristically cool whenever he goes to a theatre. He always books tickets in advance and has no qualms about who is sitting next to him. But, he does make sure to sit in the last row. He is usually seen with either Kareena or a group of friends.

    Rani hoon main: Like Hrithik, Rani Mukerji always books an entire row. She likes to watch films with a group of friends.

    Cap of good hope: Tusshar Kapoor wears a cap whenever he is in a cinema
    hall so that nobody recognises him

    Censor-y experience: Anil Kapoor always calls to confirm the exact show time and enters the hall after the Censor certificate is shown.

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    thank u very much for the info

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