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    Default Oh My God! (2012) Movie Reviews

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    BollywoodHungama 3.5/5
    OMG - OH MY GOD! is a thought-provoking adaptation of a massively successful play. A movie tackling a sensitive and an untouched subject matter, it will find its share of advocates and adversaries, but the social message the movie conveys comes across loud and clear and that's one of the prime reasons why OMG - OH MY GOD! becomes a deserving watch.
    OneIndia 3/5
    Watch it out if you believe in genuine and clean concept, rather than any mindless entertainment. It makes you believe that temple is not the almighty's home, he exists everywhere, in everyone. So, love all, think good and do good.
    NowRunning.com 3.5/5
    To sum it up, OMG Oh My God is an honest film with a strong message which should be encouraged and seen especially for the brilliance of its script and the delightful acting of Paresh Rawal!
    ApunKaChoice.com 3/5
    All in all, OMG Oh My God! is a brave, bold attempt that might rattle a few nerves with its stereotypical lampooning of gurus and godmen, but it is entertaining and thought-provoking enough to merit a recommendation.
    SantaBanta.com 2/5
    At the end of it, Umesh Shukla's film makes its point but ends up preachy. And frankly, the people who must watch it will be busy lining up barefoot for Bappa's darshan.
    NDTV 2.5/5
    OMG, even at its worst, does not ever deteriorate into WTF, thanks to the wondrous presence of Paresh Rawal. It's certainly not a waste of time.
    IBNLive.com 2/5
    In a sea of dumb Bollywood comedies (many starring Akshay Kumar himself), this one at least starts off a debate. For that alone, it's not entirely a write-off. I'm going with two out of five for Oh My God!. Carry cotton for your ears to drown out all the shouting!
    Rediff.com 3.5/5
    No sign of character fatigue or repetition. Armed with superb writing and a keen understanding of Kanji's convictions and qualms, the actor grabs his viewer's attention from start to finish. Like the remark of the guy in the shop, 'Bande mein dum hai, yaar.' The same can be said of the movie.
    BharatStudent 3/5
    While the first half passes smoothly with good element of comedy and an interesting interval twist, the second half gets slow due to dragged sequences and the climax was a little laidback. Overall, the film was good enough for its performances and the storyline.
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    I saw the first show of this movie. This movie got good review. its aweosme. This is the best movie of Akshay Kumar.

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    I just saw half of this yesterday and I fell asleep ! lol



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