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    Default Language no barrier between Dutch director, Jackie

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    Dutch filmmaker Laurens Postma is making his Bollywood debut with "Cover Story: The Ultimate Interview" but language was never a problem even though he doesn't know Hindi, says Jackie Shroff, who plays the male lead.
    "I asked him, 'You don't know Hindi, how will you manage?'. He said, 'No problem, language is not a problem'. So he was someone who knew the emotions," Jackie said Monday at the launch of the first look of the film.
    An official remake of Dutch film "The Interview", "Cover Story" will see Jackie as a journalist discovering the life of a glamorous actress, played by debutant Anjum Nayar.
    "It was just a great experience to work with a newcomer (actress Sheena Nayar) who is so good. Secondly, working with an international director, who didn't even pat an eyelid when I spoke in Hindi, it was just fantastic," the 52-year-old said.
    Playing a journo was a cakewalk for Jackie, thanks to his long stint in showbiz.
    "I have faced a lot of journalists in the last 30 years and have faced all kinds of questions. My father was a journalist, he used to work in Blitz. So, for me, it was not very tough. My director handled me and I also had my father's qualities. I have a lot of journalist friends also, so it was not such a big issue," Jackie said.



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