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    Default Actors are fallible

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    Well, Shiney Ahuja just did. And I donít know how it helped him or his career.

    The strangest thing happened with Shiney. I hadnít spoken to him for more than a year.

    On Saturday 13 June we did a taped interview where he sportingly answered questions on his arrogant reputation, the pangas with his leading ladies and how devoted he had become to domestic life after the birth of his daughter, Arshiya, how he rushes home after work and gets up early to play with his daughter.

    The image that haunts me since that conversation 24 hours before Shineyís world turned around is that of little Arshiya climbing all over her Papaís chest early morning.
    Now, how does her mother explain to the baby that her father has gone to a place where all ties become deadlocked? Arshiya is too young to understand a world where women and men are under attack, sometimes for wrongs they havenít committed.

    Itís bizarre. But this isnít the first time Iíve been the last to speak to someone whoís at the threshold of a crisis.

    Amitabh Bachchan was on the brink of a serious health problem when I was on the phone with him on that fateful day on November 2005. There he was, patiently talking to me about some trivial misreporting in the media when he was suffering acute abdominal pain.

    Barely two hours later I saw images of Mr B being taken out of the Delhi hospital for emergency tests in Delhi.

    When I frantically called Abhishek he informed me his dad had spoken to me from his hospital bed. Bachchan bounced back, as only he can.
    Some disasters remain inextricably fastened to certain events in life. At the very moment when I was speaking to Madhur Bhandarkar for the first time in my life, the World Trade Centre fell to the ground like a rag doll right in front of my eyes.

    To this day, I remind Madhur of our historical first encounter.
    Sometimes stars you are close to stun you by proving themselves fallible. Just imagine. I spoke to Priyanka a couple of days before she was hospitalised. My next call is answered by a male voice which informs me Priyanka canít come on the phone because sheís going through tests in the hospital.

    The day before John Abraham broke his leg I had tried to call him a couple of times. The next morning a groggy John whispers in a hoarse voice, ďSorry I couldnít call you. I broke my leg. And Iím pumped up with painkillers and antibiotics.Ē Ouch!

    My most moving encounter with an actor on the brink of disaster was when Vijay Arora sought out my number to thank me for an article. I suggested politely that we meet the next time Iím in Mumbai. ďI donít think thatís possible,Ē said Vijay. Some months later he died of cancer. Any reminder that stars are all to human comes as a shock. Shiney has proved himself to be all too human. I donít know what his punishment would be because I donít understand the nature of his crime.

    Just 24 hours before heís alleged to have committed the heinous crime Shiney came across as this domesticated family man straight out of an ad for noodles.

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