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    Default Bollywood kissing tales!

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    When Denise Richards said that Akshay Kumar is a great kisser and reports mentioned that she had apparently enjoyed the kissing sessions with the actor and even found his technique most impressive, it was a shocking
    Shocking not because yet another film was being promoted with kiss-and-tell tales but because of the extent an actor could go to to market a film. Is a screen kiss really a kiss?

    Doesn’t it make star spouses jealous? Like Yvan in My Wife Is An Actress, are star spouses green-eyed, suspicious, paranoid monsters determined to catch the star ‘in the act’?

    Actor Seema Rahmani, who had sought permission from Shiney Ahuja’s wife before doing intimate scenes with him in Sins, says that such kiss-and-tell yarns have the potential to make the spouse feel awful. “Only if the relationship is rock steady can a couple not react to such reports,” she maintains.

    Emraan Hashmi’s wife, Parween, evidently has no problems with her hubby’s serial kisser tag, claims his cousin and film-maker Mohit Suri. “Emraan always readies Parween for whatever might be written about his serial-kisser image to promote his films. Well, my sister, Smilie, kissed in my Kalyug. Udita has kissed on screen before and even after we started seeing each other. She kept me in the loop, and I had no problems accepting an intimate scene,” Mohit says. But what if Udita’s co-star had employed a Denise Richards ruse? Mohit isn’t sure how he would have reacted to reports of Udita’s oral skills!

    Divya Dutta, who has kissed Irrfan in Hissss, admits to getting affected if she was the star spouse reading about her star hubby’s legendary prowess in the sack. “It’s professional for actors to feign spontaneous heat take after take. But it’s quite another thing for a spouse to stay unruffled. While basic trust is required, one can’t blame the partners if they get squeamish,” she adds.

    Most directors say that spousal consent is a must when observations pertaining to very private details are often used as a film’s promotional strategy. “If we were to market the lovemaking scene from Sorry Bhai! I would first seek permission from Chitrangada and Sharman, who, in turn, would have to keep their partners clued-up before anything gets published,” insists director Onir, adding that knowledge helps in doing away with the surprise/shock element.

    Yet, clinical psychologist Seema Hingorrany says that celeb spouses don’t necessarily approve of public dissection of private details even when they are part of the publicity machinery. “When a promotional interview claiming that a star is ‘hot in bed’ or a ‘great kisser’ is aired/printed, it’s bound to create friction even if the spouse is expected to be gracious. I’ve had a celeb client confess to having given quotes to the media about being unperturbed with the alleged link-ups of her star hubby, but remained messed up. There was always this nagging doubt about the goings-on behind her back,” she says.

    What makes matters worse is if the spouse is told that one has to take such things in one’s stride since it’s the price one pays for being married to/dating a celeb. “Once a celeb spouse had shared her uneasiness with a friend, who snapped right back saying there was no point fault-finding since she wouldn’t be able to leave him. That’s a wrong line to take. Of course, millions ride on a film and it’s important to help in the marketing. That still doesn’t mean the feelings of a spouse should be disregarded. The moment I tell a spouse that it’s okay to feel bad, that’s half the battle won.”

    Though Mohit says the best example of spousal support comes from Sussanne Roshan who, during the making of Dhoom: 2, had volunteered to say that if Hrithik was going to kiss on screen, he should make sure that it’s the best kiss in the world! But Ash never illustrated the kissing techniques to the media. What if Barbara Mori, during the promotion of Kites, were to kiss-and-tell? Would the green-eyed monster get the better of Sussanne?

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