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    Default Don't follow your heart. It will leave you confused: Sarwar Ahuja

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    Sarwar Ahuja is a smart and handsome actor. Currently, he is wowing masses with his spirited performance in Life OKís Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath. We decided to chat with him and file a small interview. Excerpts:

    I am: A rockstar

    Life is: Amazing

    Love is: A roller coaster ride.

    Marriage is: Secret commitment.

    Your first crush: Was in school.

    Your dream date: No one specific.

    Your best childhood memory: I donít remember.

    Your long lasting friend: Kunal.

    Do you make friends easily? Yes, I do.

    Music you like: Something which has good and meaningful lyrics.

    On your last birthday: I was one year younger.

    One thing you want to change about yourself: My hairstyle.

    Your favorite TV shows? Comedy Circus.

    Favourite Bollywood actor: Amitabh Bachchan.

    Favourite Bollywood actress: Sridevi.

    Favourite Hollywood actress: Julia Roberts.

    Last movie you watched: Ek Tha Tiger.

    Last time you boarded a local train: One year back.

    Last time you cooked: I cook every night.

    Advice to youngsters: Donít follow your heartÖ it will
    leave you confused.



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