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    Default Imran Khan cold-shoulders his uncle Faisal Khan

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    Aamir Khan and brother Faisal Khan may have sorted out their differences but it looks like nephew Imran Khan is not in a hurry to forgive or forget Faisal mamu’s tirades against the family.Sources reveal that Imran has a detached attitude towards Faisal. A source close to the actor reveals, “Even though Aamir and Faisal have patched up, and everybody now has accepted him back, Imran is keeping his distance from his other uncle.The source adds, Whenever Faisal and Imran cross paths, the animosity is apparent.Recalling an incident where Imran gave Faisal the cold shoulder, the insider says, “Imran was at Aamir’s office for the post production of Delhi Belly. He was sitting at the editing, while Aamir was not in town.

    During that time, Faisal walked into the room and went to greet Imran, but he was in for a rude shock when Khan Jr refused to even acknowledge his presence. Faisal felt humiliated but he didn’t make it obvious, and left the room.” This hasn’t been the first time such an incident has happened. In the recent past, Faisal has started attending Aamir’s office and often hangs out there. Even though things are returning to normalcy between the brothers, the same cannot be said for Imran and Faisal.



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