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    Default Is Love Aaj Kal a rip off?

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    Love Aaj Kal

    Juicy Mausi is back with her latest goss. The other day as she was sipping coffee at a posh cafe she found out saif-Imtiaz Aliís Love Aaj Kal has already stirred up a controversy even before it hit the theatres. Juicy Mausi was all ears. She also learnt it is copy of a Taiwenese film, Hao De Shi Guang, which means three times. Apparently those who have seen saifís film have found a strong resemblance in the two plots. Hao De Shi Guang takes off in 1911 then moves forth to 1966 and eventually culminates in 2005 running into three phases. It features three chronologically separate love stories revolving around the two protagonists.

    In the first two stories, letters are crucial to the outcome; in the third, it is cell phone calls, text messages, and a computer file. Over the years between the tales, as sexual intimacy becomes more likely and words more free, communication recedes.Now Imtiaz Aliís Love Aaj Kal starring Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Florence Brudenell Bruce is all about how love was perceived back in the olden days as compared to how it is now. The story with Saif in the turban romancing Florence is the second part of the film where love is innocent.

    The third bit has Saif and Deepika playing non-committal lovers giving into their lust and desires. However, Imtiaz has denied the resemblance. Whatever the truth is we shall soon find out when the film releases on July 31.



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