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    Talking ~*~ Ashu settles Ash's score with Priyanka? ~*~

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    Ashutosh Gowariker might be weaving magic at silver screen with his filmmaking skills, but of late he's been upsetting a lot of people with his verbal outbursts.

    After his show-down with host Sajid Khan at Star screen awards, the filmmaker made Priyanka Chopra the latest victim of his insensitive comments.

    Says a source present at the awards event. "Priyanka is furious that Ashutosh went on a public platform and questioned her Best Actress award for Fashion."

    "Moments after PC collected her award and returned to her seat, Ashutosh went up to collect his award for the Best Director. The first thing he uttered after grabbing the mike was, 'Priyanka I love you, but I don't know how you got the award for Best Actress when Aishwarya was also nominated in the same category for Jodhaa Akbar'."

    "A hush fell over the entire gathering. Ashu realised that he'd gone too far. And added, "Maybe it is because you are very hard-working and she is a natural."

    To make the matters worse he said, "Jayaji was just asking me the same thing."

    Priyanka chose not to comment at that time, but she has shared her displeasure with many of her close freinds.

    We wonder if Ashu has settled Ash's score with Priyanka. Remember Piggy Chops' comment on Ash that stated her as just a lovely face? The director seems to have targeted Priyanka to defend his lovely.. sorry 'natural actress' Ash.




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