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    WWE star William Regal wrote an extensive blog on his Twitter account in which he went over tips for becoming a professional wrestler. Below is an excerpt:

    To make it in the WWE you have to be very adaptable and willing to make any character or opportunity work.Heres some very good advise.Make a list of the worst possible situations and character traits you be asked to do.Now make up a character and promos involving those traits and work on perfecting that character and promo(on your own otherwise youíll get locked up).Make those things second nature.Now youíve taken away some of your fears so whatever you are asked to do should be easier.Donít skip this task.Very few people who come to the WWE end up being the character they envisioned.

    The most important things you have to make you connect with an audience are your eyes.If you believe in yourself and your persona it will be evident in your eyes.You cannot show any real emotion without your eyes.So,if youíre interested in being taken seriously then never wear anything to cover them.This will offend a lot of people but you donít look cool wearing sunglasses indoors. You look a divvy. There are many big stars who have worn them but youíll find most will take them off when theyíre making a serious point or they just have that special magic that only 1 in a million have.

    If you are a normal person like myself and you donít have that one in a million Elvis quality(a lot of people are delusional about this) then to make yourself valuable I suggest you study as many different styles of our business as possible.You never know how the industry will change and if you can only wrestle one way you may be left behind.It goes back to the being adaptable tip from before.



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