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    Default Ashutosh again fights during an award function

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    Ashutosh Gowariker has done it again. After a verbal spat with hosts Sajid and Farah Khan at an Star Screen Awards, he had another run-in with Riteish Deshmukh and Boman Irani, who were hosting an IIFA Award function held over the weekend. It is learnt that the Jodhaa Akbar director took objection to a skit they did on stage. Although the hosts did take-offs on many films, Gowariker was the only one who took objection to their act. Says an eyewitness, “Riteish and Boman did a spoof on all the films which were nominated in the best film category Race, Jodhaa Akbar, Dostana, Rock On, Ghajini and A Wednesday. For the Jodhaa Akbar act, Boman played Akbar while a starlet played Jodhaa. Riteish walked in dressed as Amitabh Bachchan in Shahenshah. When Boman asked Riteish who he was, the latter replied, ‘Rishte mein tumhare baap lagte hai, lekin naam hai Shahenshah’ to which Boman said, ‘Tum Shahenshah toh main kaun hoon?’ It was not at all offensive.

    There was another skit on Anil Kapoor at the Oscars and Ashutosh at the Oscar for Lagaan. Ashu took objection to that too.The source further adds, “Ashutosh didn’t like the act and stormed into the green room in the middle of the show and lectured Riteish and Boman about poking fun at people and films. He asked the hosts: “How come you guys don’t make fun of SRK and Bachchan’s films?’ When Riteish reminded him about the Drona spoof (Abhishek came on stage and applauded them) the director then turned his ire at the organisers. He told them that he would go on stage and question people if these kind of jokes should be made at award functions. The organisers had to plead with him not to make a scene since it was an international event and would reflect badly on the fraternity, but his tirade continued and he demanded an apology from the organisers too.” Everyone was taken aback by his over reaction.

    He was heard cribbing to people: “Just because he is a minister’s son, he thinks he can get away with it?” However Riteish stood upto Ashu. The source continues, “He told Ashu that he should learn to take a joke and develop a sense of humour rather than take everything personally. Even Boman snapped and questioned Ashu how come he had never raised an objection when SRK made jokes as a host. The organisers are now considering not inviting Ashu for future events.” Ashutosh and Riteish were unavailable for comment.



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