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    Default Abhay Deol Returns To India This Week

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    He was missing from the action in Mumbai when his revisionist interpretation of Devdas in Dev D had the nation and its favourite cultural ally in a thrall.

    But Abhay Deol currently at home in New York is all set to return to Mumbai this week.

    Speaking from New York Abhay says, 的知 coming back in mid-June so there will be at least two weeks to prepare.I知 also starting my own production company, and have written the next treatment for my script. So my hands are full.

    Abhay intends to make the best of his stint in Mumabu before he returns to New York

    New York feels like home for Abhay. 的 don稚 feel like a New Yorker. But I知 definitely enjoying my stay.

    Abhay has so far played only central characters in all his films from Imtiaz Ali痴 Socha Na Tha to Anurag Kashyap痴 Dev D.

    If as Abhay says he is happy to take the backseat for a change, then Anil Kapoor痴 Ayesha is just the movie he has been waiting for.

    Doting father that he is Anil Kapoor is sparing no expenses to make sure darlimg daughter Sonam gets the most lavish home production possible.

    Though Abhay Deol has been signed on to play the male lead the complete focus of the pre-production activities has been none other than Sonam.

    鄭nd rightly so, says a source. 的t痴 Sonam痴 home production. And she has selected everything from the theme (Jane Austen痴 Emma ) to all the clothes (being done by Hollywood痴 chic designer Mona May). The three male protagonists, Abhay, Cyrus Shahukar and newcomer Arunoday Singh, are incidental. In fact their collective remuneration for the film would be less than what Sonam痴 elaborate gowns and dresses would cost.

    So where does that leave Abhay Deol who is habituated to the helm?

    Speaking from New York where he痴 currently stationed Abhay says, 摘very film does not have to be from the viewpoint of my character.In fact I知 excited about this film. I値l have a less hectic schedule than Sonam and it will be refreshing to see someone else on the set more often than me.

    Doesn稚 it bother Abhay that Ayesha is an out-and-out Sonam vehicle?

    的f you say it痴 a Sonam vehicle, it痴 natural considering the story痴 a romantic comedy from the point of view of the girl and I知 playing the main lead actor.My role is the Mr. Knightly character from the literary novel Emma. All those who have read the book will know exactly what kind of a role it is and how well- defined it is.

    Abhay痴 look, he says, will be on the preppy side. Rich, well- groomed, urban.

    But when do the male members of the cast get some attention??



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