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    Default Imran Khan's strange fetish for ties!

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    Imran Khan has a strange fetish and how! The young Khan collects neckties in different colours, shapes and sizes.

    With Imran sporting different ties on every occasion, he says, “I have always had a fetish for ties. I have many of them — some old, some new. I never throw away the old ones because I have a strange affinity towards them. I collect ties and Converse All-Stars shoes because they would just never run our of style. You can add one or the other or both to jeans and a T-shirt, and it suddenly becomes such an amazing style statement.”

    For the stylish dude that he is, Imran says he’s never been one to follow trends. “I never cared about fashion. I like to wear what I am comfortable in. Style for me is the ability to look good without looking like you’re making a big effort. I look for things that connect with me personally. Be it a tie, a pair of shoes, whatever — it should be a reflection of my personality,” he says.



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