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    Default Mink Rescues Everyone By Choosing To Vote Out Sumisha

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    The jinx of Sumisha is finally over and the remaining contestants can breathe with respite. One person who fought with everyone and over every matter is voted out by Mink's decisive vote. Only problem with her elimination is who is going to cook now!

    The game in Sarkaar Ki Duniya is getting real close now, it's difficult to pin point as to who is going to be leaving next. Sumisha was the prime target from both sides Puneesh as well as Ali therefore she was the first target to be eliminated. But now all other participants are as good as the other. Jagdish will be the next target to be pitched for elimination but he is too smart to be played upon and he will try everything to become the Dal Nayak to avoid any chances of elimination. Mink as well as Sanju Gupta are also in danger due to their dead loyalty and no self strategy to win in Sarkaar Ki Duniya.

    The elimination of 11 June in Sarkaar ki Duniya came to a tie and Mink's vote was the deciding factor. Sumisha had tried earlier in the day to win over Mink but it was all a waste since Sumisha had never made any attempt to be friends with Mink earlier. As for Sanju Gupta he was already in good books of Mink so the day was safe for him.

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    thanks alot for sharing!

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