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    Default CM Punk heel turn at MITB ?

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    CM Punk heel turn at MITB ?

    I'll start by saying I dont think this will happen and it is merely a suggestion or a possibility. I dont think WWE would turn CM Punk so soon and especially with him being the number 2 guy in the company, selling a lot of merch and massively over with a very long title reign it would seem unlikely but not impossible.

    But WWE are so low on any credible heel talent at the moment and it being so heavily one sided

    It will have been a year ago at MITB since CM Punk won his first WWE title and if there was a time to turn him heel it would be very fitting.

    WWE have recently quite often brought it to our attention that CM Punks reign has been overshadowed by other guys.

    He maybe trolling some gullible fans with his recent tweets about the devil which have been going on for a month or so which would seemingly link to a very similar scenario and heel turn that Punk did in ROH which took place over a year.

    Either way heel or face Im a fan of Punk, but it would be a giant mark out moment if CM Punk beat Daniel Bryan and then got a mic a turned heel with a promo something like this.

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    It wont happen............ in fact don't expect CM Punk to turn heel anytime in near future

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    It's a shame, I prefer heel punk!

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    I Hope Punk Returns Back as Heel he was one of my favorites in ROH. if he turns heel that would be Awesome! :')



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