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    Default Hrithik Roshan makes 'alcohol' his new friend!

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    Hrithik Roshan has always maintained that he is a teetotaler. But is that really the truth about the image-conscious star? We hear that Hrithik has hit the bottle recently, and in a big way, to cope with the current emotional turbulence in his life.

    According to our top source from the industry, he has turned to alcohol as a crutch due to recent differences with his father Rakesh Roshan and his alleged closeness to his Kites’s co-star Barbara Mori.

    Another source confirmed that Hrithik has taken to guzzling generous amounts these days. He said, “Hrithik even came to Karan Johar’s recent birthday bash after having a few pegs. People were talking about this at the party. Hrithik looked like he was in high spirits and later even danced on one of the tables. But, this is a recent development. He always came across as a teetotaler. Maybe now he wants to break free. It could simply be an outburst and it could happen to anybody.”

    A third source, a reputed director who is close to Hrithik, stood up for the actor. He said, “I haven’t heard that Hrithik has hit the bottle. Hrithik does have his share of drinks. He is not a teetotaler. He does drink at functions and parties.”

    Rakesh Roshan was nonplussed, “Hrithik is a responsible boy who knows himself very well. Even I drink, so what’s the big deal.”



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