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    Default Who's the hottest in B'wood

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    Hot has a new definition in Bollywood. How do you decide who’s the hottest actress of them all when different polls undertaken at different times and in different places rate our screen queens on different parameters?

    So, you have them as being the ‘Most Popular’, the ‘Sexiest’, the most ‘Downloaded on the Internet’, the ‘No 1 Star’ in the industry, the ‘Most Powerful’, the ‘Most Beautiful’ etc. No one clear winner, you see. But being ‘hot’ is not so much about having oomph and glam as it is about having ‘attitude’ these days. That’s what BT found out when it asked six experts on women from the world of films, fashion and fitness to name their hot women from tinseltown based on their experiences working with them. Here’s what they said and why...

    Marc Robinson, show director
    Freida Pinto and Genelia D’Souza are both the hot flavours of the season. Both girls are young, fresh, not played out and are very sexy in an unorthodox and unconventional way. They come across as pretty and desirable. Both are stunning, very feminine, have super cool bodies and oodles of attitude. Now, that’s sex on toast!

    Ashley Lobo, dance choreographer
    Priyanka Chopra’s hot, she is a natural dancer and has heaps of attitude. So is Kareena Kapoor, who is also a very open, honest person. Natural as performers, they bring something different to the table each time. It’s a treat to watch them dance.

    Vikram Phadnis, designer
    Priyanka Chopra is the most uber confident stunner I have come across till date. She is so confident about her body that every dress she wears, she puts life and magic in it. She is not just beautiful or hot, she is the one who can truly do full justice to an ensemble. Check her out in just a simple white shirt and blue jeans, in a short sexy dress or in a saree, her sex appeal and oomph factor can’t go unnoticed. Just with her face, she can seduce yet remain ethereal. A complete dream to dress up.

    Mickey Mehta, fitness guru
    In my eyes, it’s Bipasha Basu who would win the ‘hot’ tag hands down. She has a well-sculpted body, which is fit, healthy, curvaceous and oozing with oomph. Every time I see her, I have found her moving towards a fitter and more perfect look. I love to work with her because she’s so dynamic, that I know I would only be pushing a case of excellence and not mediocrity. She creates challenges for me to work on. She’s taut, fearless and unrestricted — that’s my Bips.

    Dabboo Ratnani, fashion photographer
    I’d say Kareena Kapoor. Every time I shoot with her, she never fails to amaze me. Her facial expressions and comfortable body language, her attitude to grasp a concept and then flaunt a gorgeous, priceless look is what makes her stand distinctively apart. She totally lights up in front of the camera and is surely a photographer’s delight.

    Kunal Kohli, film director
    At the cost of inviting wrath from other heroines, I have to say Kareena Kapoor is the hottest amongst all. She’s a combination of a lot of stuff. She’s naughty and very spirited. Got a distinctive attitude — that of maturity clubbed with a girl-like quality which makes her very desirable. And the great talent house that she is, well, that makes her hot not just from a director’s perspective, but also for all the other men. She’s every inch worth the hot girl tag.

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