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    Default More creative ways to cash in MITB?

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    Right now there are only two established methods of cashing in a MITB briefcase, issuing a fair challenge prior to the event starting, or the much more popular method of running in after an exhausting match and beating the champion in roughly 1 minute.

    I've already said they need to change things up with the cash ins, particularly with the success rates of contract holders, but there are probably other ways to make things more interesting. Here's a few ideas:

    A big title match concludes, the winner is in the ring, still badly beaten up. Then the MITB winner runs in and cashes in his contract. All of this being fairly typical, but just as the heel is about to perform his finisher, the champion smokes him with the belt or another foreign object, or even just a blow blow with his fist, something to get himself disqualified. An interesting way to start a feud up, the challenger used an incredibly cheap tactic to try to win, so the champion retaliates with an equally cheap way to retain the title. I could imagine any heel being hilariously enraged over this.

    The MITB holder happens to win a number one contenders match and gets a fair match against the champion without even cashing in. However, the champion retains, the MITB holder gets pissed off and attacks the champion during his celebration, while the champion is down, he cashes in and wins the title after all. Perhaps an interesting way to turn heel if the first match was face vs face.

    A big title match concludes, a heel MITB holder runs in and cashes in, quickly winning the title. Immediately afterwards a face MITB holder runs in and cashes in as well, also winning the title.

    A big title match concludes, you hear the entrance music of a MITB holder, the crowd goes wild, but nobody seems to come out. After a short while, you see both MITB holders emerge in the middle of a scuffle. They both try to make their way to the ring and cash in their contract, they end up cashing in at the exact same time, resulting in a triple threat match, which the champion wins due to the two heels being to distracted while fighting each other.

    The last two would be more difficult to pull off though, as the two MITB matches are often separated by brand or title. There's always loopholes that can invent though, I remember when Shawn Michaels stole Chris Benoit's title match for Wrestlemania 20.

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    You can also have a match for the MITB briefcase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1v4r View Post
    You can also have a match for the MITB briefcase.
    Edge did that once against Mr Kennedy i guess

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    I'd like to see where the briefcase holder becomes #1 contender, and then has a match for two falls, where he has to fall twice but the champ only need to fall once to lose the title.



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