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    Default Matt Hardy Talks About Working for Vince, More

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    Former WWE Superstar and TNA Wrestler Matt Hardy recently talked with Here are a few highlights from the interview.

    Working for Vince McMahon: "Vince is a very intimidating, dominating character and personality. Iíve seen Vince come up with some of the smallest ideas that donít seem like much and then you go, ĎOh my god, this is a stroke of genius.í He really gets the most out of all the little things. Thatís one thing I learned when I worked hand in hand with him. When I describe Vince, I call him a psychotic genius. I have seen times when he was a maniac and chewed people out for no reason. Heís not afraid to do anything. He has done it allÖheís had his head shaved, did embarrassing things with girls. There isnít anything that he would ask his talent to do that he wouldnít do."

    His relationship with brother Jeff: "I see him every day that he is at home. Myself and my girlfriend Reby Sky have been raiding his and his wifeís pool everyday; itís been nice. Jeff is doing great. He is still an enigma to a degree but he has went from being one of the most unpredictable enigmas that you ever met to being the most responsible human being that I know, especially with him being a father now. He is at a great place in his life, and I am, too. I donít think our relationship has ever been stronger than it is right now."

    Why tag team wrestling has fallen off the radar: "We came along during a very special time in the businessÖthe height of the Attitude era. Stone Cold was white-hot and The Rock was a huge megastar. Ratings were great and those guys were selling out arenas everywhere. Management was able to put the top guys on cruise control because they didnít have to worry, so they had extra time to focus on the tag team division or the women. At the point theyíre at now, theyíre still scrambling for the white hot guys. John Cena is the face of the company right now but there is no one setting record TV ratings or selling out arenas on a consistent basis. Once they find those one or two top guys that are the franchise players, they can dedicate their attention to tag teams again."



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