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    Default Rajnikanth starrer Kochadaiyyan won't release in Diwali

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    Rajnikanth, who is known to go to any lengths to keep his fans happy, is apparently an unhappy man. He wonít be able to keep the promise that he made to his fans. And they are not going to like this one bit.

    Rajnikanthís new release Kochadaiyyan wonít make it into theatres for Diwali, as the super-icon had promised. This is the iconic starís first release after his health scare, his only release in the last two years and for at least the next two years. Theatres all over Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and other parts of the South were already being booked in bulk.

    The postponement was being kept strictly under wraps to avoid a surge of disappointment among Rajnikanthís fans. But when we found out, the makers didnít deny the disappointing news.

    To rewind to the time when Rajnikanth was just recovering from his health scare, he had said at the airport before flying off to shoot songs with Deepika Padukone in London that Kochadaiyyan would be his Diwali gift to his fans. And the project was being readied to keep the superstarís promise.

    When contacted the Kochadaiyyan producer Dr Murli Manohar said, ďWhatís the rush? Yes, weíve postponed the release. We are no longer coming in Diwali. But thatís more because we are not ready than any other reason. This is Rajnijiís first release since he was unwell and therefore very special to him and to his fans. We want to make sure Kochadaiyyan is just perfect in every detail.Ē



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