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    Smile Claudia claims meeting abhi !!!

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    Bollywood's Abhishek Bachchan and Hollywood's Claudia Ciesla have met at the International film festival concluded at the Cannes recently. Their photograph has created a controversy in the Indian entertainment industry. While Abhishek says that he doesn't remember it, Claudia Ciesla wonders if Abhishek is a liar or has bad memory? "He might not remember me (though I strongly don't believe that), but I've photographs to prove that we've met. We met at the Indian pavilion at Cannes. His wife wasn't there with him when we met", she asserts.

    Hasn't the Cannes controversy made her a more popular face in India? She says, "I'm a White girl trying to make inroads into Bollywood. I might be a beginner in Bollywood, but I've already done my work in Europe. I'm in Hamburg now. Let's see what happens in the next six months." When asked about circulating the rendezvous photographs with Abhishek, she says that merely by default she is getting Indian or international coverage. While admitting that that was a short occasional meeting, and there was nothing unusual in it as actors usually greet each other when they meet, she hopes that next time around, Abhishek would remember her and also be brave enough to speak the truth, she adds.
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    thnx neeti........

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    thanks alot for sharing!



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