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    Default Sonu's love for veggies

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    There has always been a huge debate between people about how one should have non-vegetarian food to have a well toned body, but going by our actors who have turned vegetarian, that issue just becomes a myth.

    CHECK OUT: Sonu Sood turns marriage maker!

    Vegetarianism can be very healthy which can be proved by none other than our Bollywood actor Mr. Sonu Sood who with his perfectly chiseled body is ready to ignite the screen. Sonu has been a vegetarian ever since he was young and has never tasted non-veg food but has still managed to make a body like that of a Greek god.

    Ask Sonu and he replies, ''Its only hard work on your body that can give you such results and the diet whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian does not matter. It has taken me many long hours of extreme hard work & will power to get this body and I am extremely proud of the way it has turned out. Sometimes even the trainers in the gym ask me for tips to be able to achieve such a body, which is a huge compliment for me.''

    One look at the body and you wanna go yumm...well watch out girls here comes the new stud on the block.

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    thanks alot for sharing!

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    Thanks !!!
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