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    Default Bollywood boycotts Australia following racial attacks

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    Bollywood boycotts Australia following racial attacks
    By Subhash K Jha, Upala KBR and A, 7 June, 2009
    Following the attacks on Indian students studying in Australia, there have been strong reactions pouring in from enraged Indians the world over. Voices spewing righteous rage and even some voices of reason are what we hear above the cacophony. B-Town filmmakers are mostly an angered lot and have vowed not to return Down Under. Here's looking at what they have to say...

    Ratan Jain: I have never been to Australia and don't think after whatever has happened in the past few days, I want to go anymore. Until and unless the Australian government takes drastic steps, Indian makers should not go and shoot films there and give such a country any revenue.

    Ramesh Taurani: Australia is not the only country left for Indian makers to go and shoot their films at. Initially, we were suppose to shoot Race in Australia but due to some technical hassles, we shot the film in South Africa. There are always alternate destinations to shoot at. The government should take stern steps to curb the racism issue.

    Aparna Sen: No I wouldn't shoot in Australia. What's happening there is deplorable

    Bunty Walia: A country that doesn't look after my countrymen will never figure in my work and leisure scheme

    Soham Shah: Anything that goes against the dignity of our countrymen is a collective insult to all Indians. We must not shoot in a country where we are discriminated against

    David Dhawan: With all the racist attacks happening in Australia, no way will I shoot in Australia. In the current scenario, I wouldn't even go for a holiday there.

    Sanjay Gupta: I completely condemn the attacks. Australia is not my kind of place to shoot anyway.

    Rensil d'Silva: Shoot In Australia? Not at all.

    Subhash Ghai: I will certainly not shoot in Australia until they give full respect and protection to Indian students.

    Sujoy Ghosh: Yup, I'd shoot. And maybe carry a couple of hockey sticks to beat the crap out of those racist assh**les

    Siddharth Anand: My films Salaam Namaste and Tara Rum Pum Pum were entirely shot in Australia. I strongly condemn what's happening there. The people there have been very warm and hospitable during the shooting of both my films in their country. But something drastic has to be done to stop these attacks. Until then, I'd definitely be in two minds about shooting in Australia.

    Satish Kaushik: Shoot in Australia? Not at all. Why should we celebrate the beauty of a country when the hearts of certain people in that country is not beautiful? They should learn from us. Atithi devo bhava.

    Kabir Khan: It's very important to make a distinction between prejudices practised by a government and racist attacks by some disgruntled lunatics. However to show our disapproval of the attacks, it'd better not to shoot in Australia at the moment.

    Sanjay Gadhvi: If I have to shoot in Australia, I'd strongly recommend to my producer not to do so, considering the current scenario.

    Ravi Chopra: No, definitely not. If our kids are not welcome, I don't want to be in any part of Australia.

    Zoya Akhtar: I won't visit Australia till the government takes drastic steps to stop the violence.

    Jagmohan Mundhra: Even though I think most Australians are not racists the frequency of attacks on Indian students is a matter of concern. As a mark of protest, I won't shoot in Australia until the government takes a firm stand against racial violence and sets an example by giving severe punishments to the perpetrators of these attacks.

    Ananth Mahadevan: These attacks have, no doubt, hurt all sections of society. There're bound to be repercussions on cricket, tourism and higher education. If I've to shoot in Australia, I'd have to think twice.

    Tarun Mansukhani: Considering the inaction by the Australian government against racial abuse, I wouldn't shoot in Australia. I don't think we should consider any joint venture with Australia until we get the same protection provided to their citizens. Indian students in Australia are a source of revenue for the Australian government. In exchange, the least we expect them to do is safeguard our lives.

    Sajid Khan: I feel an entire nation can't be tarred because of a handful of extremists. At the same time, we want to see Australia take action against these hate attacks. Until then, I won't shoot in Australia to show my solidarity with Indians who are attacked anywhere in the world.

    Vipul Shah: Shoot in Australia? Not at all. I'm shocked by their hatred. That their so-called progressive culture can be so bigoted is unbelievable. Australia must know we are united in fighting those who attack one of us. We'll make them change their attitude.

    Madhur Bhandarkar: First ensure the safety of our boys then we'll see about shooting in Australia. What guarantee is there for anyone's life in a country where a handful of people are terrorising foreigners? Given the circumstances, I don't want to risk my cast and crew's lives in Australia.

    Vikram Bhatt: No chance. I'm deeply angered. In fact, I was planning a film in Australia. Not anymore.

    Kunal Kohli: I definitely would NOT shoot in Australia till the attacks are stopped and definite laws are implemented to prevent such attacks.

    Abbas-Mustan: It would be a risk for the entire star cast to shoot in Australia given the present circumstances.

    Boney Kapoor: Are you kidding? No way will I shoot in Australia!

    Madhu Mantena: I've been encouraging friends abroad to shoot in Mumbai after 26/11. By the same yardstick, we can't give up Australia because of a few demented individuals.

    Abhishek Kapoor: Given the present circumstances, no I wouldn't shoot in Australia.

    Abbas Tyrewala: Shoot in Australia? Yes, preferably with a Smith & Wesson.

    Priyadarshan: I wouldn't shoot in Australia even if my script required it.

    Sanjay Leela Bhansali: What is happening to our children in Australia is unforgivable and goes beyond the interests of art and culture. However, if you ask me, I wouldn't want to shoot in Australia until they sort this matter out. And why go to a hostile country when our country is so beautiful?

    John Mathew: No, I wouldn't shoot in Australia.

    Bhavna Talwar: I am definitely not shooting in Australia unless the Australian government takes steps to ensure the safety of Indians and resorts to stringent measures to put a stop to racial hatred.

    Manish Acharya: The recent attacks are too frequent to be random. There's a systemmatic racist bias being displayed. And in such a situation, I wouldn't want to shoot there. For the sake of a film, I cannot put the safety of my cast and crew at risk.

    Ekta Kapoor: No I don't think I will be shooting in Australia after the racist attacks that have been happening on Indians there.

    Sajid Nadiadwala: No. Why just Australia? I will not shoot or do any business, anywhere in the world where Indians are not respected.

    Bollywood boycotts Australia following racial attacks

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