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    Default Brodus Clay needs to get serious

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    Brodus Clay needs to get serious

    This Funkasaurus thing is making him look like a prick.

    When Brodus Clay came into WWE at first, I had high hopes for the guy. I thought he might get a main event push and be taken seriously. He was a real throw back to the likes of King Kong Bundy, but WWE managed to **** it up. If Clay does manage to drop all this, he will still have that hanging over his head. People still talk about Mae Young's hand to this day when discussing Mark Henry. Why is it so hard for WWE to debut a monster with a clean slate and keep them that way?

    Not everyone likes to see Vladimir Kozlov dancing. Or the Great Khali kissing fat chicks. Damn it WWE. You give them main event pushes, you're only hurting yourselves by turning them into jokes.

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    Funkasaurus is for kids.

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    Can't wrestle, the entrance is the only reason why he's over.



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