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    Biography for
    Rahul Dev Burman

    Date of Birth
    27 June 1939, Calcutta, West Bengal, India
    Date of Death

    4 January 1994, Bombay, Maharashtra, India (heart attack)

    SpouseAsha Bhosle (1980 - 4 January 1994) (his death)
    Rita Patel (1966 - 1971) (divorced)


    Son of Sachin Dev Burman

    In the song 'O Manjhi Re' from the movie 'Khushboo', he used soda bottles with water filled at different levels and created a "phook" sound by blowing into them. This sound was used with the orchestra.

    On his own submission, he used to get tunes in his dreams, and on the advice of his father, began getting up as soon as he "dreamt" of a tune and wrote it down. Songs such as "Mera naam Shabbo", "Kanchi re kacnhi re" had come to him in his sleep.

    He was the first to introduce the Brazilian bossa nova rhythm in Hindi film music - the song was "Maar dalega dard-e-jigar", sung by Asha Bhosle, in "Pati Patni".

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