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    Default Top Cat DVD 4 of 5 (DVD9)(NTSC)(ENG-SPA-FRE)(Animation)(1961)

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    ORIGINAL TITLE Top Cat (Boss Cat) (TV Series)
    YEAR 1961
    DURATION 30 min.
    DIRECTOR William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
    SCRIPT Kin Platt
    MUSIC Hoyt S. Curtin
    PHOTOGRAPHY Animation
    CAST: Animation
    Hanna-Barbera Productions PRODUCER
    GENDER TV Series. Animation. Comedy. Child | Cats
    Synopsis TV Series (1961-1962). Classic series Hanna Barbera factory. The protagonist, Don Gato, is the leader of a gang of Manhattan alley cats: Panza (Fancy Fancy), Tale / Horror (Spook), Benito B. Bozzo and V. (Benny the Ball), Demosthenes (The brain) and Cucho (Choo-Choo). For its part, the officer Matute (Officer Dibble), the district police, tries unsuccessfully to catch them and take them to jail. One reason for the arrest was that Don Gato was to use a phone as their own but belonged to the police.

     Video: Intact
     Video Standard: NTSC
     Screen Format: Fullscreen 720x540
     Language Audio: 2.0 English, Spanish, Latin, French
     Subtitles: English, Spanish, Latin, French
     Menu: Yes
     extras If
     Chapters: 22 in total
     ISO Size: DVD 4: 6.49 GB
     Area: Free
     Winrar DVD 4: 24 parts of 251 mb + 1 mb of 73.59
     Recovery DVD files: 3
     Checkout file SFV: 1
     Source: DVDR1

    DVD 4
    Pass: pomposos



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