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    Default Sonu Nigam harrowed by female stalker

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    Recently Shahid Kapoor was being harassed by a female stalker for a long time and now its singer Sonu Nigam who seems to be facing a similar problem.

    One female fan of Sonu Nigam seems to be obsessed over the singer and has been stalking him no end. The lady in question had literally camped herself outside Sonu's building for five days and refused to leave even after the security tried to shoo her away. Sonu even met her once hoping that she would then go away but the lady continued to stay put outside Sonu's building.

    Finally Sonu and his wife Madhurima had no option but to call the cops and ask them to take suitable action.

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    4 the news

    edit :- http://www.desirulez.net/showthread.php?t=554743



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