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    Default Luxology Modo 401 Training Shader Tree Essentials Series 17-QUASAR

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    Luxology Modo 401 Training Shader Tree Essentials Series 17-QUASAR | ISO | 628 MB

    Get up to speed on modo 401 rendering techniques.
    If you use modo for rendering any time you put into learning the power of the Shadertree is well spent. In this three part video tutorial series Ryan Drue of Luxology delves into the Shadertree while creating three beauty shots. Each of the three images created in these instructional videos present their own challenges but they all share one thing - each makes extensive use of the Shadertree in modo 401. Working with supplied models and images the videos will guide you through the thought processes and mechanics of increasing the visual sophistication of the final image in a step-by-step fashion. By watching and listening to Ryan explain his expert approach to getting the most out of the Shadertree each of the three supplied videos will deepen your knowledge of this critical part of modo.

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